Personal Training

We offer you the fastest way to your fitness goals through our one-on-one personal training programs.
Incorporating resistance training, body-weight exercises, and high-intensity interval protocols, we ensure you get the sessions you need to achieve the best results.
Structured and science-based programming ensures that you get the best possible outcomes from the time you invest with JWPT.

Online Training

We offer you the opportunity to train remotely, whilst utilising a structured and science-based strength and conditioning program.

Developed by an accredited fitness professional for your specific goals.

Our experience and knowledge when combined with advanced software ensures that your training is always consistent and sustainable, with support from your coach only a click away.

Run Coaching

For the love of running or a competitive marathon, we have the experience and knowledge to see you arrive at the start line ready to put your best foot forward.

All programs are developed and monitored by an accredited Athletics Australia certified running coach and experienced endurance athlete.  Programs are delivered through Final Surge which works with your chosen wearable to track each workout and your overall progress. This allows for modification and feedback as we progress towards your goal.

Triathlon Coaching

Our triathlon coaching programs deliver the knowledge and experience of our accredited Triathlon Development coach right to you, no matter where you are.

All sessions are customised to the individual athlete and based on sound scientific training principles. 

Benefit from a structured approach to your training that builds consistency and delivers predictable race performances, new skills and improvements in your fitness.

Nutrition Coaching

Often overlooked and arguably more important than physical exercise, our nutrition, that is what we eat, digest, absorb and use is more important to maintain a healthy body and mind.
As your certified PN Nutrition coach, we ensure you will be fully engaged in the process of redefining what’s possible, so that you can take control of your health and fitness and live your best life sooner.

Group Fitness

We offer you the opportunity to participate in a variety of small group training sessions. 

With a maximum of 20 participants, each session ensures a quality and personalised training experience in a supportive and friendly environment.

Sessions have been developed by an accredited fitness professional for a total body workout.

Complete as a standalone session or combine with your personal training for accelerated results.